Adult Ministries
Music Ministries
Children's Ministries

Thai Sunday School - Meets Sundays in the Sanctuary at 11:15am

English Sunday School - Meets Sundays in the Chapel at 11:15am

Weekly Prayer Meeting - Meets Wednesdays in the Fellowship Hall at 12:00pm

FTPC Combo -  This group meets weekly.  They lead the congregation in praise music and uses both English and Thai language. 
Choir - Open to all and practices Sundays after lunch.  Performs during worship for special occasions.
Angklung Instrumental Group - This is for those wanting to play a Thai instrument called the angklung which is made of bamboo tubes.  This groups plays at various times and locations.  
Kid's Church - 10:30am - 11:15am in Chapel on Sundays
Kid's School - 11:30am in Sunday School room